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Decisions of Note
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No-Fault Decisions:

Robert Physical Therapy, PC a/a/o Cardoza, et al v. State Farm (Civil Kings 6/21/06)

Montgomery Medical a/a/o Pringle v. State Farm (District Nassau 6/13/06)

SK Medical a/a/o Gvalandze, et al v. New York Central (Civil Richmond 6/9/06)

Linden Chiropractic a/a/o Joshua v. State Wide (Civil Kings 6/9/06)

Montgomery Medical a/a/o Myles v. State Farm (District Nassau 5/31/06)

Vinings Spinal Diagnostic a/a/o Jenkins v. Travelers (District Nassau 5/30/06)

Berman, et al, a/a/o Torres v. Country-Wide (Civil Queens 5/23/06)

SZ Med, et al, a/a/o Piana v. Country-Wide (App. Div 2nd Dept. 5/17/06)

Expo Medical Supplies v. Clarendon (Civil Kings 5/16/06)

Universal Open MRI a/a/o Rameriez v. State Farm (Civil New York 5/11/06)

Celtic Med a/a/o Hunter v. Liberty (District Nassau 5/9/06)

Tsai Chao, MD a/a/o Chen v. Country-Wide (District Nassau 5/3/06)

NY & Presbyterian Hospital a/a/o Udland v. Allstate (App. Div 2nd Dept. 5/2/06)

AB Medical, et al a/a/o Pena v. Specialty National Insurance (App. Term 2nd Dept. 4/28/06)

Khodadadi Rad a/a/o Khan v. NYCTA-MaBSTOA (Civil Kings 4/24/06)

State Farm a/s/o Bradley v. Hertz (App. Div 2nd Dept. 4/18/06)

AB Medical a/a/o Ian Wilson v. GEICO (App. Term 2nd Dept. 4/6/06)

SK Medical a/a/o Claudia Hernandez v. New York Central (Civil Richmond 4/5/06)

Rigid Medical a/a/o Lotoya Scott v. New York Central (App. Term 2nd Dept. 4/6/06)

Staten Island Chiro a/a/o Regina Bellamy v. Long Island Ins. (App. Term 2nd Dept. 4/6/06)

Better Health Medical a/a/o Waheed Mohammad v. Empire (Civil New York 3/31/06)

NY Craniofacial a/a/o Maria Vega, et al v. Allstate (Civil Kings 3/29/06)

A.B. Medical Services a/a/o Mark Udoka v. Allstate (App. Term 2nd Dept. 3/27/06)

A.B. Medical Services a/a/o Yevgenya Ioffe v. Commercial Mutual (App. Term 2nd Dept. 3/27/06)

Allstate a/s/o Evelyn Jones v. Yetish Inc. And Anibal Dejesus (App. Term 2nd Dept. 3/27/06)

Careplus Medical Supply a/a/o Carlo Tejeda v. Travelers (App. Term 2nd Dept. 3/27/06)

Ocean Diagnostic a/a/o Dennis Sandiford v. Nationwide (App. Term 2nd Dept. 3/27/06)

Radiology Today a/a/o Jose Perez v. Allstate (App. Term 2nd Dept. 3/27/06)

UM/SUM Decisions:

Matter of New York Central v. Aguirre (Court of Appeals 6/21/06)

Matter of Allstate v. Cruz (App. Div. 2nd Dept. 6/13/06)

Matter of Progressive v. Yeger (App. Div. 2nd Dept. 6/13/06)

Matter of Allstate v. Williams (App. Div. 2nd Dept. 5/9/06)

Matter of Liberty v. Goddard (App. Div. 2nd Dept. 5/9/06)

Matter of Allstate v. Rico (App. Div. 1st Dept. 4/20/06)

Matter of Lancer v. Robayo (App. Div. 2nd Dept. 4/18/06)

American Transit v. B.O. Astra Mngt, et al (Sup. Crt. NY Cnty. 4/17/06)

Matter of Travelers v. Machado, et al. (App. Div. 2nd Dept. 4/11/06)

Travelers v. Yagudaev (Sup. Crt. Queens Cnty. 3/30/06)

Matter of Allstate v. Torres (App. Div. 2nd Dept. 3/28/06)

Allstate v. Tupin (Sup. Crt. Queens Cnty. 2/14/06)

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