We take a proactive, forward-thinking approach to defending insurers.

At Marshall & Marshall, our attorneys are experts in the UM/SUM field. We can quickly analyze any case and raise appropriate issues–whether Disclaimer, Cancellation, Contact, Coverage, or Prejudice–in a timely fashion in order to obtain a temporary stay pending the investigation and outcome of the case.

Even prior to a demand for uninsured motorist benefits, we are able to discuss the investigation of the claim. Our professionals also handle Examinations Under Oath, an invaluable tool to uncover whether a viable claim actually exists. We also possess the expertise to effectively represent the insurer at the uninsured motorist arbitration, fully prepared to argue liability and damages.

Our knowledge spans the realm of voluntary and assigned risk policies.

We are well versed in the banking law so we can address premium finance cancellations.

Every effort is made to obtain the cooperation of the reporting police officers as well as thorough background checks to determine if the individual is a resident relative.

In addition, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the laws of neighboring states, and can advise clients on conflicts of law questions and concerns.

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