No Fault

We endeavor to treat each and every case as a stand-alone event, while keeping a very close eye on the short—and long—term trends in No Fault.

At Marshall & Marshall, PLLC, we specialize in No Fault defense, as we have done since the law’s inception. We have handled it all and have developed our own protocol to help you deal with these issues.

No Fault fraud is prevalent and continues to grow. Our expertise in No Fault, coupled with our extensive experience dealing with fraud, gives us the awareness and acumen to protect our clients and comply with regulations and time frames while potential fraud is being investigated.

Our concentration in the No Fault field has evolved to where we are looked at to set precedent and carve out exceptions for our clients.

Marshall & Marshall, ,PLLC, provides ongoing education as well as legal opinions for claims managers and representatives to enable our clients to avoid potential pitfalls.

As this practice area grows, so does our firm. Marshall & Marshall, PLLC, continues to attract recognized, experienced attorneys who have distinguished themselves in the No Fault arena.

Put that expertise to work for you.

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